Secure Routing Protocol: Affection on MANETs Performance

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Kerman Graduate University of Technology

2 Shahid Bahonar University


In mobile ad hoc networks, the absence of
infrastructure and the consequent absence of authorization
facilities impede the usual practice of establishing a practical
criterion to distinguishing nodes as trusted and distrusted.
Since all nodes in the MANETs would be used as router in
multi-hop applications, secure routing protocols have vital rule
in the security of the network. So evaluating the performance
metrics of secure routing protocols and calculating the
overhead of security design is very important in network
engineering. In this paper the effects of Black hole attack on
two different types of routing, OLSR as proactive routing
protocol and AODV as reactive routing protocol are
considered. In addition, the performance metrics of ordinary
routing protocols (AODV and OLSR) are compared with a
new secure routing protocol MAODV, in which neighbors of
node help him to distinguish a trusted node. Finally, the
simulation results depict the end-to-end delay of a network
under black hole attack with different type of routing
protocols, AODV, OLSR and MAODV. The simulation results
illustrate good comparison of network performance
parameters for different conditions such as node mobility and
number of nodes.