Simulation and Analysis the Performance of 3970 Km DWDM Transmission Link Employing Optimized Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University - Dariun Branch

2 Islamic Azad University - Kerman Branch

3 Islamic Azad University - Marvdasht Branch


In this paper first we try to analysis the behavior of
the SOAs in the optical networks and then have proposed a
numerical simple model to simulate the behavior of the
semiconductor optical amplifiers. After that by employing this
model as inline amplifier for a DWDM optical system, we have
simulated the transmission of 10 channels with bit rate 10 Gb/s
up to distance 3970 km with RZ-DPSK modulation format at 20
GHz channel spacing. On the other hand in order to amplify the
signal at the transmission link, we have used 73.5km relay span
consist of 63km single mode fiber (SMF), 10.5km dispersion
compensating fiber (DCF) and a SOA at the end. Our results
show that by optimizing the key parameters of the SOA such as
the bias current and the input power and furthermore by proper
placement of the spans, we can transmit the signal with good
amplification and low noise power.